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Darren McLagan Kitchens

Darren McLagan Carpentry Kitchens

I can create either a full bespoke kitchen or provide a full kitchen fitting service for clients who have purchased a kitchen i.e. from MFI, Homebase, Ikea, B&Q, Wickes or any other company. I can also offer a kitchen refurbishment service including replacement worktops & doors.

After a house and then a car, KITCHENS are usually one of the next most expensive things we have to buy! The last thing we need is a lot of stress and pressure from a large company telling us what we can have! I offer the opposite approach.  We discuss styles and layouts, handles, sinks, worktops over coffee in your home, then, I go away to draw a plan, hunt down specifications of appliances and units that you hope to fit in and then we get together again and agree a design.

There are always options, compromises, cost implications and solutions to be decided on. It can be quite a journey but at the end of the day the kitchen that we settle on should be the one that YOU choose and not the one that you are allowed to have! It won't be instant, off the shelf but it will be yours.

To see some more examples of my work please take a look at the galleries below.

If you require any more information please do contact me.

Bespoke Wooden Kitchens

Your dream fitted wooden kitchen handmade to your specifications.

I will help you choose from a range of materials, designs and finsihes to ensure your kitchen is exactly as you desire it.

The examples to the left are just some of the kitchens I have created over the years - they may provide you with some inspiration but even if you have a fixed idea or no idea of exactly what you want I can help you.

Q; I have been given a kitchen plan but I don't understand it - it might as well be in Russian....

A: Give it to me and I will hand draw a sketch picture of what it would look like.


Bespoke Painted Kitchens

Painted kitchens remain very popular.

Again I can advise on styles, finishes etc and hopefully these examples will give you  a taste of the huge range available to you.

Q: I've seen the top on one unit, the leg of another and my favorite colour is aubergine... Help!

A: If you have all the details then I can combine them in a design that works for you and make it for you.

Bespoke Modern Kitchens

Modern look kitchens still need expert design and fitting.

Whether you live in a new house and want a replacement kitchen or an older traditional property but feel your kitchen could be modern looking I can help you decide on the perfect look and make it the perfect fit.

Q; Nothing in my house is square, level or upright. Can you still fit a modern kitchen in..?

"A: Yes! Units can be made oversize and cut and scribed to fit any curve or beam etc."

What my client’s say...

"Dear Darren, I had some friends round on Friday night and they were very impressed with the new granite tops, as am I - it just brings it all together. Thank you so much for all your hard work it looks great. I can't have my cottage in the country but at least I've got a fab kitchen. I'm recommending you to everyone!"